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Camping Rentals

Rent a roof top tent or overlanding trailer from NOMAD Outdoor Adventures. NOMAD Outdoor Adventures offers a unique rebate program where customers can receive credit for up to 2 rental days toward their purchase of a tent or trailer from NOMAD Outdoor Adventures within 30 days of your last reservation day.


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Overlanding is for Anyone

NOMAD Outdoor Adventures has solutions for all levels of outdoor adventurers. 


 NOMAD Outdoor Adventures will rebate up to the first two rental days if you purchase within 30 days of your booking. Just want to purchase? No problem! NOMAD Outdoor Adventures rents and sells 23Zero rooftop tents.

Offroad Trailers

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Overland and Camping Equipment

NOMAD Outdoor Adventures carries the products you need to get out and enjoy your next outdoor or off-road excursion.


Rent a fully customized overlanding or campsite equipment package to enjoy without discomfort or a major upfront investment. Let NOMAD Outdoor Adventures bundle a rental package for you that meets your exact needs.