Josh Park – Founder and Adventurer

Josh Park is an avid traveler and outdoor enthusiast. For decades he has been introducing friends and family to the joys of camping throughout the US. In 2020 he realized his dream to start a company dedicated to helping others explore the outdoors.

Josh noticed that many people found camping and overlanding intimidating for a variety of reasons. Some people explained that they did not have the gear or did not know what to buy first to get started, so camping would be too expensive or intimidating. Others thought campgrounds and sleeping in tents would be dangerous or miserable.

While living in Michigan and exploring the Great Lakes and beautiful National Parks, Josh decided this was the year to start NOMAD. His company would help anyone who was interested in getting outdoors. Josh would provide options to make overlanding accessible to all levels of experience, whether you had never slept in a tent or had been camping your whole life. He started building an inventory of rental equipment to help people become more comfortable whether they were staying at a campground or trying out dispersed camping off the grid.

Josh’s personal mission is to help make nature and adventure accessible to all . This is a family owned business that allows Josh to combine his professional interests with his passion for family, outdoors, and Jeeps.